Frequently. Asked. Questions.

What is Reiki and how does it work?


William Lee Rand (Usui Reiki Master Lineage) defines Reiki as a special kind of “Ki.”  It is Ki (also known as chi or life force) that is guided by spiritual consciousness (Spirit or the Universe).  Once activated, Reiki then guides itself with its own wisdom rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner.


How long does it take?


A normal Reiki session lasts about an hour, but is guided by the client's needs as opposed to a set time limit; as such, sessions can go longer if required.


Do you need to believe in it for it to work?


You do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work for you.


How do I prepare for my Reiki session?


There is no preparation required to receive Reiki.  It would help to wear comfortable clothing as Reiki is administered while you lie on a Reiki table with your clothes on.


What can I expect to experience/feel during my session?


During a session you receive “Ki” energy and can expect to relax both physically as well as mentally so that your body gets into a state of self-healing.

The above is adapted from William Lee Rand's Reiki The Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual; 1991; United States of America

Where is the artwork featured on this site from?

The artwork is done by Fari herself; all the images are those of original oils on canvas.

Where can I see more of Fari's art?

Please visit Fari's exclusive art website by clicking here.

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