Farida Ali. Reiki Master. Artist. Human.

Born and educated in Mumbai, India with a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Law, Farida left home in 1985 in search of a new life. A decade after that, she decided to immigrate to Canada with her family and has since planted her flag here as a proud Canadian.


"With all of life's ups and downs, twists and turns, I have always felt an overwhelming need to express myself through painting and poetry, both of which I describe as my ‘shock absorbers.’"

Farida is a self-taught artist, which paved a way to reflection and discovery of her true self - a transformative process entailing meditation, yoga and a self-determined healing practice. She was gradually able to give up all medications after 27 years of struggling with what traditional medicine could only mask, but not cure.

"It dawned on me that if I can heal myself, so can anyone else. I started looking for a way to share my passion for self-healing through formal expression. Reading and research brought me to reiki, and it was a perfect match."

Farida is a certified Reiki Master in Usui/Holy Fire Training and Attunement as of 2016, empowering herself and others to heal and live in the joy that is our inherent birthright. She is licensed by the Canadian Reiki Association as a Registered Practitioner (CRA-RP 16-177).

Registered Practitioner CRA-RP 16-177

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